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Qs: Do you need sbsm.agency?

1. Do you have Spanish speaking costumers?

2. Do you get questions, comments, hashtags, or complaints in Spanish in your social networks?

3. Does your social media utilize hashtags in Spanish?

4. Are you aware of your Spanish speaking customers’ demographics and needs?

5. Can you provide immediate help and guidance in Spanish to your clients?

6. Do you have a goal oriented, specific, and defined social media campaign for Spanish speakers?

7. Are you aiming at regional Spanish speakers’ tastes and preferences?

8. Do you have analytics and hard data for your Spanish speaking costumer market share in social media?

9. Would you like to approach the Hispanic community in a warm and intimate manner better than your competitors?

10. Would you like to apply leading and proven benchmarking practices in Spanish to your social networks?

You are right, those were rhetorical questions.

With 41 million Spanish speakers in the US, the community’s purchase power surpasses that of Colombia, Argentina and Canada. If you are not approaching them in their terms, you are loosing 13% of the US market.

We can help foster your business through the Hispanic communities in the US.

Spanish speakers want to do business in familiar terms.

Language is more emotional than rational, we can help by approaching your Hispanic audience in a warmly and intimate manner.

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