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Numeralia: Spanish in the US

  1. There are 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US.
  2. There are 790,000 students enrolled at US universities learning Spanish. 
  3. In 2050 the US will become the largest Spanish speaking country in the world.
  4. A majority, 60%, of  second-generation Hispanic Americans speak Spanish at home.
  5. Hispanics have a purchase power of 1.7 trillion.
  6. California’s first constitution was written in Spanish then translated into English. Not anymore, though.
  7. Nuevo Mexico still publishes its State laws in both Spanish and English. Today, ironically, 26.9% Californians and 26.2% New Mexicans speak Spanish.  
  8. Spanish was the first European language spoken in the modern US territory in 1565. 
  9. Population speaking Spanish in New York is 14.1% and 12.4% in Illinois.
  10. Today 29.1%Texans and 19% Floridians speak Spanish. 
  11. From 1920 to 1930 one million Mexicans migrated into the US.
  12. 49.4% of students of foreing languages in US universities study Spanish. French is second with 12.7% of students.

Comparison check point: 20.6% of Canadians (7 million) speak French, while all national businesses have bilingual websites and social media channels.  

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